A beautiful, well-built chestnut horse which easily gallops through hilly landscape. Despite its size, Eurat is a clumsy oaf as it often stumbles over tangled tree roots. Every day it is a sweet, cuddly horse which loves any amount of apples.


This little, short horse is probably the most well-behaved in the whole stable. Intelligent, obedient, polite and blindly devoted to anyone who will stroke it for long hours. Patience and systematic training made Wawel a very good-natured horse.


Patient with young enthusiasts of horse riding and challenging for more experienced horse riders. Ramzes, a black Wels Pony ( 140 cm hh), adores sweets. It will eat candies and cookies in the blink of an eye. Maybe this is why Ramzes is so calm when anyone mounts it.


Seven year old black horse mare is a daughter of Rapsona and Arianin. It is full of energy and ideas. Being the only one left in the stable, Ramona hits a manger seeking attention from its minders. This horse is brave and nosy, a typical lone wolf. It successfully fulfilled a training center for Trakehner mares.

A year ago, Ramona became a mother of a beautiful stallion Rosso- Poland’s vice champion ofTrakehner foals . Rosso is our hope for the future.




The oldest mare in our herd. Being 21 years old, it is still full of beans. Rapsona is the mother of Ramona, Revel and Rumba. All of them are black with a little spot on a forehead. Rapsona adores Wawel keeping a close watch on it every day. Already retired, this horse will stay with us till the very end



Two year old Rumba is a daughter of Rapsona. Its father is Kaliniec- well known for spectacular show-jumping.

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